Bridges are like crowns, except they are used to replace a series of missing teeth. Generally composed of porcelain or porcelain fused to gold, bridges are made to “bridge the gap” created by missing teeth.

There are three types of bridges:

  • The first is called a conventional fixed bridge, which consists of a replacement tooth fused between two crowns to fill the gap.
  • The second is a cantilever bridge, which is a replacement tooth anchored to a crown on one side of the open space. It is not as strong as a conventional fixed bridge, but it can be used in situations where it will not receive heavy function.
  • The third type is a resin bonded bridge, and is generally used for missing front teeth when there are healthy teeth with no restorations on either side. In these cases, the replacement teeth are fused to metal bands that are bonded to the adjacent teeth with resin cement.

Like crowns, bridges can restore natural beauty and function to your smile.