Gum Lifts



If a patient has a “gummy smile,” we can create a more beautiful gum line by removing excess tissue. This is most often done by using laser or periodontal plastic surgery; a quick and very safe procedure that can be performed across the gum line or in isolated areas. We also offer several other gum treatments designed to restore, regenerate or preserve healthy gum tissue.

Gum lifts can be performed on natural teeth as well as teeth covered by crowns. If the surgery affects teeth with crowns, sometimes a procedure called “crown lengthening” is required before the gum lift. The procedure is fairly quick and simple, and can usually be done under local anesthesia.

Not every patient is a good candidate for a gum lift, as it requires that they have healthy, firm gum tissue of a certain height or shape. In certain cases, other procedures may be performed to achieve the same effect.