Fast Orthodontics


After six months

Crooked teeth can negatively affect the health and function of your smile. They collect more plaque and debris than straighter teeth, and their poor positions can mean a bad bite, which puts greater stress on the jaw and can lead to pain and damage.

Despite dental health concerns, many adults with crooked teeth are put off by the time commitment posed by conventional orthodontics. We can help. We offer a leading-edge procedure that straightens teeth four times faster, reducing treatment time to as little as three months.

Conventional orthodontics moves the teeth slowly through the bone. It can take years to complete conventional orthodontic treatment. However, Fast Orthodontics (also called Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™ or AOO™) works by moving the bone as well as the teeth. Fast Orthodontics involves a surgery where we place small grooves in the bone between each tooth. This allows the bone to actually change shape and allows the teeth to move faster during orthodontic treatment.

By combining this surgery with regular braces (provided by an independent orthodontist), treatment time can be reduced by as much as 75 percent. Instead of taking two or three years, teeth can be straightened in three to eight months. The process also lets us move teeth in ways that cannot be achieved with traditional orthodontics alone, allowing successful treatment of severe cases.

Seattle Specialty Dentistry was among the first practices in Washington to offer this surgery and work only with orthodontists who are also trained in this procedure. If you’ve been avoiding orthodontic treatment, or have been told that your situation cannot be corrected with conventional orthodontics, this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.